Showing My Work

July 21, 2014 — Leave a comment



Several people have been asking me to “Show My Work!”

With that hat being said, I decided to finally start updating my site with a portfolio section of my multimedia work!

I encourage all of you to review my photography, video, audio work and more that has been done professionally! You can find my samples of my work in the drop down section under portfolio!

My my goal is to attract those who may be interested in utilizing my skills for their group, business or non-profit!

With that, please take time to review my work! Thanks in advance!

Finding Time To Create

July 15, 2014 — 2 Comments


A lot of my good friends, colleagues and mentors are struggling to find time to create and make their work.

Mostly because of life.

Life hits us and it can hit us incredibly hard. Life can often be that merciless bully that never seems to quit bothering you.

My thoughts and prayers go out to every cartoonist, every writer, every artist and every single creative who is struggling to make the time and experiencing the pain of what happens when one doesn’t have the time.

You are not alone…the time will come back…I am with you in the fight and I believe you will come out of it!

My latest “Kid Eccentric” comic



At age 11, I was geeking out over broadcast news, from the graphics to the news stories to the news theme. I can still hear the sounds of the KTVT CBS 11 Dallas theme music I later found out was called “Millennium 3,” created by Shelly Palmer.

But, what I also remember was the slogan, “Looking Out For You,” which made me really think about my work and what I do.

Everything I do should be about “you!” Granted, their will be plenty of time for “me,” but, when it comes to creating awesome content and bringing information and details and something that will help you, the spotlight should move to YOU…yes YOU!

I’m often frustrated with my own work, admit tingly, because I know it can be better. I want the kid who feels a little awkward in his or her surroundings to know that its going to be okay. I want to give the parents an alternative story for their kids to delve into besides what’s out there. I want to create content that will point people to the source of my strength without sounding all weird and kooky about it.

Much like the slogan for CBS Dallas was “Looking out for you” back in the ’90s, it is something that I believe should stick with all of us as it stuck with me since childhood.

If we focus on the notion of serving others and helping others in our creative work then we won’t grow so anxious or panicky about our work and what we do. In fact, we’ll bring what we know we can bring without worrying about what the other guy is bringing to the table!

Now then…I must go and take my own words to heart!