Goos On The Loose!

Friday morning I had a chance to meet a Dallas Meteorologist whom I have been a fan of since age 11.

Bob Goosmann of KRLD NewsRadio 1080 and I met for the very first time during a KRLD promotional event in Garland, Texas called “Goos On The Loose.”

While there, I had a chance to also meet some amazing KRLD employees!

Also, got a really cool mug and cup….did I mention a picture or two!?



My point, KRLD Rules!!!!

Often when I do my writing or when I commute up and down the roadways I listen to KRLD. Being a news junkie and having my background in journalism, it’s just second nature for me to do this!

Enjoy the photos! I know I certainly did!

“The Dumbest Idea Ever”


Friday Night Reading

Tonight, I just finished reading a book called “The Dumbest Idea Ever,” a graphic novel by Jimmy Gownley. The book is a comic-book style story telling of Mr. Gownley’s life of a boy who grew into his life as a young cartoonist and the deep and impactful life lessons he learned.

This has to be one of the most inspiring graphic novels with a powerful message that I have ever read in a while.

Anyone who is called into art, illustration and cartooning and any creative work needs to get their hands on this book! Jimmy’s life as a kid resonated with my now 29 year old experience…starting off and not too sure if things will go the way I hope. And yet, there’s a deep desire and yearning to draw and to write and I don’t think I’ll be able to stop even if I wanted too.

Jimmy went through a period of deep depression and unhappiness and he went through a period of ego-driven silliness But, Jimmy came out of that like so many of us and made things right. When he leaves his little town he sees the world is much larger than what he realizes when it comes to art and talent and considers what he must do as a cartoonist.

Say Something Important

One of the take-away’s I got from the book was the moment that took place between Jimmy and his friend. He encouraged Jimmy to “say something important” in his comics.

I think this can be said for all of us and in anything we do, especially, for writers and creatives and more!

In anything we do I think we should ask the question, “what are we trying to communicate?” Are we creating what we are creating so we can tell people that “we love them” or are we trying to show someone that even though life sucks for a minute “it’s going to be okay?”

I think we should ask that question for every post we make on Facebook or for every sentence we prepare to write in the midst of our crafting of a letter, a story or a blog post.

Jimmy Gownley’s Similar Start To My Start

My mom told me that I should write about my life and my experiences…that I should blog. But, I genuinely thought to myself, why I on earth would the world want to hear about a 20-something-year old guy whose got a deep interest for storytelling, cartoons and random stuff.

Who would care!?

A few years later, I end up writing books and I rock this blog…and you, the readers, I’m humbled that you entrust your time to me and provide the mouse clicks to my blog articles.

It genuinely helps keep me going!

I felt the same way about cartoons until a few cartoonists, awesome ones, encouraged me to keep going. I almost gave up but I’m so glad that I didn’t. I got a lot more to go and much more to learn but I’m grateful for the support.


Focus On Your Own Work


Just….Staring!!! A scene from an episode of “Boyster” from Disney X D


Last week I was going over my messages on Facebook. A Pastor friend of mine whose extremely creative, and a downright awesome guy, made a comment about how we often focus more on the works and creative pieces of other people rather than focus on improving our own craft!

After all, do you think the person creating the work you’re focused so much on is really worried about what you’re doing as much as you are about what they are doing!?

OUCH!!! I mean, man, really!?!? But, he’s right. That little Facebook post bugged me for days…and I mean…days!!!

I’ll speak for myself! Just the other day I could’ve been writing and working on my book or my blog, but, I decided to kick back and watch a couple of episodes of “Boyster” and “Angelo Rules” and for good measure the 9 o’clock news followed by Disney Channel’s “Phineas and Ferb.”

Granted, I needed the rest. But, otherwise, if I wasn’t writing this blog post I would be watching a cartoon series or some kind of news show.

Over the past few days, as that Facebook post haunted me, I began to pray and really take some quiet time to see what that meant. I came to several conclusions and laziness was NOT one of them.

I felt like no one would care to read a thing I wrote. I looked at other people’s work and secretly said, “man, that’s awesome work. I could never write like this” or “I could never draw that good” or any kind of garbage that was coming from my insecurities and lack of faith.

I had to have time with God to sort all of that out! And, I simply needed to get back on track and make real goals to get my stuff done!

But you got to imagine too….the people you’re looking at were probably, MAYBE, thinking the same thing when they were looking at someone else, right!? Or maybe, the secret is this…stop looking towards the work of others, but towards the one that called you to the work. There’s nothing inherently wrong with admiring work…just don’t let that steal you from honing your craft.

But, they created such an awesome product.

The cartoons I watch, the TV shows I enjoy and the books I love reading are a product of people who were too busy finishing up their own craft to stare at someone else’s finished product!

My goal, and I think it is something YOU should try too if you have this problem, is to back off on admiring the works of others so, so terribly much, and take the time to shut off all distractions and really get into your own work, your own dreams and your own goals.

Communication IS Key To Success

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

In everything you do, in everything you hope to achieve and hope to accomplish, communication is key.

Communication can lead to great resolve or incredible disillusion. It can mean the difference between clarity and confusion.

Whether it is business, a professional or personal relationship, it is always important to express your thoughts, your concerns, your ideas and your vision in an effective and productive way.

While all of this sounds incredibly elementary, it is still very much amazing to me how often we fail at communicating. The simplest and yet most complex thing that we do can often be complicated by mere human minds and hands.

A text message can be misunderstood. A tweet can be misunderstood. A Facebook post can be taken out of context. Your message can sound like an attack when it may be harsh truth.

I love using my laptop, my iPad, my iPhone and my social media pages to communicate with individuals, but, I firmly believe that it is very important for me to connect with individuals face-to-face. Needless to say, for some around the world, that might not be possible and even if it were the closest possibility would be the use of a video service site like YouTube.

You get the idea!

I love the field of Broadcast Journalism and communications in general because it is incredibly versatile when it comes to the many different ways of communicating information and messages to people.

And don’t get me started with cartoons!

The subject of communication is so extensive and expansive, it can be quite intense. You have to think of not only language, but also tone, delivery, intent, the intended audience as well as the style and way you deliver it.

That’s why for most people communicating in any format and in any way takes a LOT of practice. I got my start from when I was just a boy. I remember pretending to be on the air as I talked in front of a mirror and acted as though I was on a TV show. When I rehearsed for speeches I would stand in front of a mirror or on the elevated step in my living room as though I was giving a speech to a live audience.

Ultimately, I learned three basic things that helped me to perfect my communication skills:

  1. Be Myself
  2. Listen
  3. Pay Attention

Being yourself is so key! People, on average, can tell if you’re faking and if you’re absolutely not genuine. It is annoying and its unappealing…well…to me anyways.

Listen to what is being said and also to the people around you. Get an idea of what the environment is like and how the person you’re communicating with is reacting to the scene.

Pay attention. The more attentive you are to the person you’re speaking too, the better the conversation and the more respectful you come off.