if you’ve ever tried a new electronic device, a new kind of food or a pair of clothing, you’ve from time to time may have had that thought, “wow, this just works.”

Lately, that’s how I have been feeling about a large part of my life lately. In particular, my career!

As you know, I do a lot of media work and I greatly enjoy it. Their is just something about connecting with people, handling media and news information, that just excites me and keeps me going as far as work is concerned.

It’s work, but it doesn’t feel like a chore. It doesn’t feel like something you’re forcing yourself to do. It just fits!

You won’t like everything about it, but, when push comes to shove, you just enjoy doing the work!

When you’re walking in your purpose, it is very much like that. You have a feeling of that nearly “perfect fit.”


Are you making a difference even while you’re behind the computer and notepad?

Is what you’re sharing uplifting people and helping people become better citizens of society, better Christians and better individuals in their personal life?

Whatever you type and share, whatever you post online, whatever you send out to individuals via text is a direct reflection of who you are a person if you really think about it.

People know if you’re a fan. People know if you’re a believer. People know if you have a specific type of belief or idea and people know if you’re just incredibly negative or unbelievably positive.

Depending on what you share, people will make the decision on whether they want to put value on what you share or avoid it like the plague.

Over the years, I learned that what I share should be something that others would and could value too, NOT just me. It has to add value to their daily lives because, frankly, people are too busy and don’t have time for junk.

Also, I learned that if you’re going to share something, have a call to action (something I’ll explain in detail later). I’ve had back and forth arguments with friends about this and I still stand by this.

A call to action is something you tell your reader to start considering and doing. If their is no call to action, don’t expect them to take action. You can NEVER assume that people will DO something with what you share.

Purpose: Part 1

September 13, 2014 — 1 Comment


The topic of purpose has been weighing down on me a lot lately. Probably because of so many people I have been talking too for multiple days now whom have been asking me for advice on what to do, what direction they must go and how to get there.

To be perfectly honest, I’ve only just discovered what I was supposed to be doing in the first place and am still learning more and more about my direction and purpose in life as I go forward.

Those questions are scary, though. They are hard to deal with it. No one likes to feel lost and alone when it comes to their direction in life. For me, I was embarrassed and frustrated.

I would often get pseudo-religious answers from individuals who told me to trust God, but, never bothered to get to know me and drill me on what I was really interested in. That didn’t happen until later, and thankfully, I’m glad a few good men and women in my life really stopped me and asked me, boldly, what it was I wanted.

I realized that I spent a large amount of time in my 20’s running away from the very thing I loved so much out of fear, out of curiosity and out of trial and error. But, mainly out of fear.

I don’t regret the journey. Because the experience of running around and trying new things really changed me. It made me a better person rather than a bitter person. Even when times got ugly, I could’ve turned into a bitter, negative kid. But, every experience made me a better, stronger man.

In the midst of figuring out what you’re supposed to be doing, simply enjoy the journey and allow that journey time to be time of reflection, prayer and really trusting God and trusting people. Let that time you spend as a wandering traveler in your career and life be a time that you dig deep into past pains and unsolved wounds.

You may find that the very place you’ve felt weak, destroyed, hurt or frustrated in are the places that your meant to serve.

Journalists notepad and pen inside a press box.  Photo shot by Kendall Lyons (c) 2014

Journalists notepad and pen inside a press box. Photo shot by Kendall Lyons (c) 2014

Following your purpose, your true calling, can be both intimidating and scary. You could quite literally be scared out of it, pushed out of it, bullied out of it and just plain kicked out of it. If it wasn’t for the years of growth in my Faith in Christ as well as with people, it could’ve cost me a LOT more in time, years, health and money.

Here’s 3 reasons as to why we often deny ourselves of what we are truly called too inspired by Jeremiah 1:1-19


We often have “I can’t” or “I would if I could, but…” ready and on hand for literally EVERYTHING in our life. If someone asks us if we have tried something different or an alternative, we find ways to explain it away.

I had tons of excuses as to why I couldn’t succeed in writing or in journalism. In fact, I had it to a science:

  • Its hard to get into that business.
  • The industry is going downhill and I want no part of it.
  • Theirs no money in it.
  • I don’t have the resources.
  • I’m not exactly the best at it.
  • I’ll never get a decent job in it.
  • I’m a loser and I won’t be able to do succeed in this.

Overtime, the excuses mutated into something much worse: a poor self-esteem and value of myself and my work. No wonder my dreams felt like they were already dead. They were in effect dying.

The Solution: IF it were just YOU and only YOU trying to get to your purpose and dream, you would be in trouble. For me, it was my Faith, Fellowship and Follow-Up. Faith in God, connecting and networking and staying connected. Excuses Exclude You. Faith Furthers You. My mindset had to change and overtime my heart changed.

It became less about me and my abilities (or lack thereof) and more about serving people!


If you want to be somewhere, get ready for it! Do the work needed to get their, be it school, freelance, internship or volunteering.

If you want to get into your purpose and calling bad enough, you will shift hours, make sacrifices, change habits and do things differently now so you can have something different in your life later!

What hurts us, and in fact, hurt me before, is not writing it down! If you don’t write it down, the idea doesn’t exist. I NEVER trust my brain to keep all of my ideas. Those hot ideas have GOT to be in my journal or notebook!


As I said earlier, you could get scared and discouraged out of your dream. It happens everyday! It happens to the boy who has the gift of writing. It happens to the girl who was made fun of because she could sing.  Maybe you had a bad boss, a horrible experience with a co-worker or you lost the passion of the work and it became more about something else instead of the love you have for working in the field.

Fear is not faith. Fear keeps us from moving forward. Fear stops us in its tracks. Fear is NOT of God. Fear is a weapon of the enemy to keep you from doing what you’ve been created and designed to do!

Fear is the fuel for excuses and a perversion of preparation. Fear will keep you making excuses and keep you in your presently poor circumstances and will pervert and damper preparation, and instead of being “productive” you’ll be “busy.” And trust me, theirs a HUGE difference between the two.

If you’re fearful, the best way to deal with it is to face it head-on and believe that it has absolutely nothing over you. At first try, you’ll feel like you’re in nothing but your underwear at a school assembly, but once you get past it, you’ll begin to wonder what you were so afraid of.