Happy 30th Birthday

It seemed like only yesterday that I stumbled into my 20’s, filled with wonder and excitement and promise. Now, I’m 30! Three decades old and counting. And you know what, I’m just fine with that. In fact, I feel great. Thankfully!

I held back the temptation to read online articles about turning “30 years old” in an attempt to keep my heart and mind as pure as possible with regards to opinions about my age and livelihood.

Over the past few days, I had a chance to reflect on some of the most pivotal lessons I learned during my 20’s:

Let It Go & Heal Now

I had a LOT of hurts and pains from past relationships and people in my life. As you read this, you probably can relate. But, I learned during my 20’s that you definitely need to let that pain go. Harboring un-forgiveness, hatred and anger towards someone or towards a group of people or a community cannot and will not help you. It’ll leave you bitter and alone.

After all, once you think about the issue and about the affect it had on your life, it probably wasn’t all that deep, especially when much worse could or probably has happened to you.

I’m healing now from a lot of my junk through healthier relationships, friends, my pastor, Christian counseling and simply enjoying life. If I waited till later to do this, my 30’s would’ve been an up-hill battle.

You Don’t Know It All (And You Don’t Have To)

I used to think during my 20’s that I HAD to know everything I possibly could about everything. This was driven by my desire to be, quite literally, the smartest brother in the room. I was not going to let somebody outsmart and outwit me. I had my guns ready to blaze.

Then, I found out over time that was meaningless.

The key around this is simply this….learn and ask questions. Seek WISDOM along with the KNOWLEDGE. If you just seek knowledge, you’ll walk around like a very informative fool with very little life application.

Also, stop trying to impress yourself or people around you with your intelligence and intellect. It is more impressive to be an excellent listener, a critical thinker, an inquisitive student and an action taker.

Be True To Yourself

So many 20-something’s want to front and flaunt because the world says it’s how to survive. The world gives this impression that the more real you are as a person, the more awkward you are, which is pretty ironic since so many people want you to supposedly “keep it real.”

If you want to pursue a career that others may find you crazy for doing, then do it! If you like watching cartoons and you’re an adult, have at it!

But, remember, use your 20’s to take care of business and work on being more yourself.

Your 20’s isn’t high school anymore, and, you can choose now or later to live in adulthood or a extended adolescence.

For me, puberty was bad enough. I’ll stick with my adulthood thank you!

You’re 30, Now What

As of late, I realized that in my 20’s, while I learned a lot of GREAT lessons, lessons that helped me become a better man and a better person, I also learned something else…something that is going to shift my very career path.

It is the only thing, really, that does make me feel just a little funny about being 30-years-old. And yet, I’m excited! I’m very excited! I’ll share more of these findings really soon.


Based on my comic strip, “Kid Eccentric,” Ken having coffee while hanging with his friend Dylan. From left to right, Ken and Dylan.

Branch Out Movement will feature yet another one of my “Kid Eccentric” comic strips on Tuesday.

The series follows Ken, an 11-year-old socially awkward kid who struggles to understand God, girls, government and grown folk!

In the upcoming strips this month of January, I will be posting comics once a week with connection to Branch Out Movement, an organization that promotes social interaction.

To add, I recently got my bracelet from Branch out Movement for signing on and joining them on the quest to promote real world interaction without the preoccupation of our technology.

To get involved, sign on using the campaign code, KENDALL, and you can get involved AND get a pretty cool bracelet!

In the mean time, enjoy participating in real social interaction with friends, family and loved ones and do enjoy my comic strips.

Author, Jeff Kinney, of the book "Diary of a Wimpy Kid." In this pic, he's at the San Diego Comic Con.

Author, Jeff Kinney, of the book “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.” In this pic, he’s at the San Diego Comic Con.

I found this news feature by CBS
quite fascinating. It followed Jeff Kinney, the author of the kids book, “Diary of a WimpyKid,” and his journey on how he got started.

It is, by far, the best news story on this author that I have seen so far.

To this day, Jeff Kinney considers himself a sort of “failed cartoonist,” but I don’t think he’s that at all.

Failed, I think not!

Media Entrepreneur

January 15, 2015


So, as of late, I’ve been considering what I do and the question, “what do you want to do!”

That question actually plagued me for the longest time until I realized that I was already doing what I’ve been called to do!

I’m a Media Entrepreneur!

It encompasses all of the work that I’m involved in, from publishing to cartooning to journalism, and it’s a wild and crazy life!

But, how does one stay organized and keep oneself from going bonkers!

I realize more than ever that it starts with that image that you see above this blog post! That image of a journal, a sketch book, and a cup of coffee!

It’s about taking time to really schedule, be intentional about the day, pray, focus, grab my Bible and read and do some writing and maybe a sketch or two of something epic!

Then, after starting the day off right, it is about making sure I deliver quality product to individuals and businesses and organizations!

My hope is that as I share my work here and my behind the scenes life in the world of media and my faith walk too as well as creative thoughts, that you are both encouraged and inspired!

Let’s make 2015 the best year ever, ever!