It’ll Be Okay



The other day, I got a large amount of likes and love for my commentary on the blog post, “now what.”

THANK YOU. That means a lot. You have NO idea. Well, perhaps you do.

We all have those moments and I hope that I come off as honest and as up-front as possible.

The world is filled with too many analysts and not enough people who are just honest and out with things.

Today, I decided to accept where I am and accept what “is,” and am learning to look forward and be focused.

And I’m pretty sure that the blog is a very special part of it.

And I’m more than happy to have all of you as part of that journey.

We won’t always get it right because we’re human and the world is filled with much brokenness. But, beyond that, we can be better and, as my Pastor said, we’re truly “straight outta excuses.”

Today, I asked God and Christ to empower me to accept what is, accept His plan and go from there, in spite of what I THOUGHT things were supposed to be and supposed to look like.

I had to re-affirm that…to get re-established and get the right foot forward. And I’m so happy I did that today.

With that, look for more from me as we go forward together, knowing, that it’ll all be okay.


So…Now What!?


It has been a VERY long time since I actually shared something on my blog. Mainly because I felt like I didn’t really have much to say…for nearly a month at a time.

Which is so weird, because, I often do feel the need to speak up and speak out on multiple things at a time. It is just, sometimes, I know that my blog can have the tendency of flipping from one topic and thing over to another.

Most of you know my areas of discussion…which would be kind of hard to cover on ONE blog don’t you think?

I mean….animation, ministry, social issues, personal note experiences ( like a good coffee or something minimal but fun ).

Ah, the magic of blogging, whether it is your own personal thing or whatever, and THAT my friend, is perhaps the mystery of the blog.

So, for those of you who have stuck with me for so long…WOW…THANK YOU.

Besides all that, I have, to be honest, been considering what to do with this blog. Should I really, really continue to use it and maintain it. And if I do, what should I turn this thing in to.

I have many ideas that are floating around in the ‘ole noggin and many of them are worth doing. Some of them, to be honest, I’m a little reluctant, because we’re talking about REALLY putting yourself out there. We’re talking putting yourself in the middle of a place where criticism is abound and transparency is scary.

Very scary.

The question…this question…”now what…”…is the very thing that I have been going back and forth with God on for a very, very long time now.

While I can count over and over some of the many great things that are going on I still fight to keep myself from getting discouraged over the unknown…the path that’s next…the journey that’s before me…the opportunity that may or may not actually exist.

As I have sought God on this, He’s also provided friends, and these friends have left me with one thing to consider: God Himself.

We keep looking for the “success” city limit sign, hoping and praying to make it to the next big thing, to make the next big dollar amount, to get the next awesome relationship or the next big thing.

But, what if “next” is “now” and you’re just moving too fast to acknowledge it?

Or, what if you’re so focused on “next” that you’re forgetting about the “now” you asked for the last time you considered the “next” a while back.

When I feel discouraged and weird about my path in life, I remember one of the most important things about God and His character:

  1. He Loves Me. He Sent His Son Jesus to die for me and you. He would NEVER do anything to me or for me that would be contrary to His Word and His loving character and His role as a Father…loving and disciplining.

I’ll keep you posted on what could come next and I’ll do my best to try to keep up the blog as things progress.

It would be one of those things, I believe, that is to important to me not to just give up.

The idea has crossed my mind and the consequences of doing so are not very good.


Being Peculiar

I am chosen and set-apart.

There’s something really peculiar, different and weird about that isn’t it?

In a world that wants to follow the lead of the most popular and most hip thing, we have a culture that’s desperate for something different. But, no one wants to take the plunge because doing so will put them in the middle – to be embraced or to be embarrassed – or both.

You’ve been created for something greater than the status quo!

Growing up, I recall most people seeing me as somewhat strange, peculiar to say the least. I didn’t really use slang, if at all. I thought about things that most average kids usually didn’t think about. And I had this intense fascination for storytelling, science, cartoons and the list goes on.

By age 11 I watched my first State of the Union Address and by the time already knew the basics of how a Nuclear Reactor worked.

Maybe this sounds like you. Maybe this sounds like a kid you know. Maybe it’s your kid and you’re thinking, “oh my gosh, how did you know that about my (insert name).”

And yet, the pressure is on and the fight is on to keep being that person.


Because their are people with vested interest in knocking you out of your rather peculiar place. Their are people with vested interest in teasing you, bullying you, judging you and looking at you like you’re crazy rather than embracing you.

But, don’t be surprised. Stay encouraged.

Because the person whose peculiar and who suffers the peculiar life grows to live a peculiar purpose.

I’m a living witness that it’s worth it.

For every moment I stayed true to myself even after criticism and bullying, it was worth it.

For every moment I ended up alone because I didn’t follow the crowd, it was worth it.

For every moment I felt like a loser, a failure, a wimp, a nobody, it was all worth it.

It’s even more worth it, because I’m able to live to tell about it and encourage someone else.