It was Sunday afternoon. I was in Greenville, Texas sitting on the pulpit next to my Pastor, Dr. C.O. Preston. It was a Black History Program that we were in attendance for, and I was there to support him and the service.

It was this sermon, and this day in particular, that really stuck with me.

A few hours earlier, I sat and watched our church do a presentation for Black History Month as we were taken through history by greats like Frederick Douglas, Rosa Parks and Booker T. Washington. As I sat and heard hymns that I was not familiar with, heard stories I was not familiar with and listened to accounts that I knew nothing about, I realized how much I didn’t know about Black History.

Now, fast forward back to Greenville, Texas. Pastor Preston got up to preach. I began to take notes as he dealt with the text out of Deuteronomy 6, reminding us of God’s call to action not to forget what He has done, specifically speaking to the children of Israel as well as to us today.

What I took from the sermon was that everything I have now and everything I have been able to accomplish and experience was because of others who went before me. People who faced the very same things I faced as a kid, even from their own people. People who faced the worst kinds of atrocities and struggles.

They were not thinking of themselves. They were thinking about people like you and me.

Needless to say…they would say that I have no excuse. Yes, the road is tough, but nothing worth having is easy and nothing is owed to me nor you. And sometimes people will not see your value or worth, but, you walk in it anyway because it IS there!

What I thought of Black History month is growing and changing. What I know now is just not enough.

That changes now!


A few days ago I was doing a couple of doodles and came up with this! One of those characters is my original from the comic strip, “Kid Eccentric,” but the others are from “Boyster,” a DisneyXD series!


OKAY!!! So, a week ago, I created a proposal for the Forney Arts Council of Forney, Texas to teach a course on Cartooning and Storyboarding.

They loved it!

That means, starting March 20th on Friday afternoons, I will be teaching a course on Cartooning and Storyboarding. The course is for ages 13-18.

Just click the link to book a spot!

The goal will be to expand it to adults soon, but for now, 13-18 it is.

The course will feature how to do character development and basic drawing and sketching, creating a story and drawing the storyboard in a production type of style and much, much more!

The cost is $75 and located in Forney, Texas, 4:15pm and lasts for about an hour and a half and it starts on March 20th. It is a 4 week course.

If you’re in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, I believe your child, cousin, niece, nephew, sister, brother or whomever would greatly enjoy this course!

Most of you know that I’m very excited and passionate about Cartoons and Cartooning, Ministry and Writing! It is for this reason, my passion and desire to share what I know and have done with other people so they can be the very best. THIS also serves as an opportunity to help these young creatives tell their stories in their own unique way.

My works have been published through the organization, Branch Out Movement, as a campaign to promote social interaction without ALWAYS texting or being pre-occupied with technology.  I’ve also created illustrations for a book written by a friend, Bill Blankschaen, who wrote the book, “Finding the Curve.”

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 5.58.06 PM

Along with blogging, writing and creating content for all you wonderful peeps, I am also taking the time to create vlogs as well as blogs.

I talk about books, writing, television, childhood and bullying and overcoming struggles and so much more! I also share my faith and share inspiring words of encouragement!

For the longest time, I kept away from YouTube and I normally used it to enjoy funny internet videos and broadcasts of old animated shows.

Then, I realized, it was time to give back!

I create videos to inspire and encourage people as well as minister to individuals.

So, with that, please support my YouTube channel, ToonNewsNet, and my variety show that I often update at least once a week, “Geeking Out.”



February 9, 2015
Journalists notepad and pen inside a press box.  Photo shot by Kendall Lyons (c) 2014

Journalists notepad and pen inside a press box. Photo shot by Kendall Lyons (c) 2014

11pm at night.

My mind was completely blank as I sat in front of my laptop. I was officially stuck on my 6th chapter of my book. I wasn’t sure where to move my characters or how to make things work out for my 12 year old hero and his two best friends.

The frustration began to build as random ideas that I totally disliked were the only things coming up.

I got up and stepped away from the laptop and really sat down to think and pray.

The biggest mistake I was making was looking at the works of others and then comparing myself. THAT was why I had trouble writing my own work. THAT is why I was struggling with putting something on that page.

When I finally got over it…which was after I actually got some sleep…and woke up the next morning…I poured myself a cup of coffee and then it hit me…I had the idea already.

I already knew what I was supposed to write and it already came to me.

Lesson learned…stop worrying about what your stuff looks like…and…regardless of whether it get’s popular or not…keep writing.

The story is worth telling!


That and get some rest!