Drawing At My Desk (c) Kendall Lyons, Cartoon Daily News, 2012

Drawing At My Desk (c) Kendall Lyons, Cartoon Daily News, 2012


I have a cousin whose about 19, and he’s the only one whom I have ever heard say something like “I’m 19 going on 20” and his birthday is 9 months away.

I can legitimately, as I write this article, say that I am 27 going on 28 by August 12th.

Am I excited, happy, nervous!? A little bit of everything, actually!?

I have changed…I truly have changed. My relationship with God and Christ is better. My relationships with others are growing and I am learning how to communicate better with other people outside of my sphere of influence.

I even have a stronger grasp of my purpose, my vocation and my manliness…yes, that’s what I wrote…but that’s for another article to deal with!

But, one thing does kind of bother me, and perhaps it should!

I know a lot about a few things. I know youth ministry, I know cartoons and I know broadcasting and communications. But, do I have authority to speak on these things!? And if I do, when will that time come!?

When I go to different conferences and conventions, I ask myself (and the people who do keynotes and speak) what do I have to do to get to that place. After all, it is one of my dreams and career goals to speak and share in various places and I want to have my background straight.

So, the question is this, do I have to be a content expert in one thing or many things? Does the length of time, education, age or anything of that nature matter to get into that place?

Based on what I’ve observed, I learned that it’s good to know your craft in a specific area and use that to help people and have the ability to speak on that topic.

For example, I can speak on using cartoons and illustrations to reach out to people and to share a specific message, especially when it comes to preaching the Gospel!

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2 responses to 27 Going On 30 and Speaking On What You Know


    Ahh I like this entry! I guess I’ve actually been struggling over my calling in Church too earlier this year so I kinda understand those thoughts too.
    One thing I got out of it though was that we’re constantly growing and progressing. Like how our relationship with God grows, I think there really isn’t a limit for us to reach our calling and potential :)
    And I guess that above all we gotta remember who’s coaching us and training us to reach that calling. The disciples have Jesus and we have him too via the Helper aka Holy Spirit. So really we have the best of the best training us to get there!
    It sort of reminds me of that quote by Tozer: “A man taught by the Holy Spirit will be a seer rather than a scholar. The difference is the scholar sees; the seer sees THROUGH.”

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