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Are You A Dreamer or Unrealistic


Are you a dreamer? Or, are you unrealistic?

I suppose it is easy to determine the two, right? The truth is, it’s hard depending on where your mind and heart is.

You can dream of being an incredible creative and writer all day long but the reality of a day job and other responsibilities hit you in the face day after day!

So, what do you do? Do you wallow in self-pity and give up? I don’t think so! I think that will only make matters much, MUCH worse.

I’m learning that in order for my day-job to later transition into a dream-job…writing and creative work like cartoons and blogging…I have to take realistic steps and at the same time I have to have a reasonable dream.

I’m not dreaming these days of being a nuclear scientist like I did when I was age 8…but I can still nurture the interest I have in the subject in other ways. I’m not going to dream of being a Football player because it’s neither my calling…and frankly…I’m not in shape for it. Plus, I could care less for the sport (or most sports outside of Hockey, Skateboarding and Baseball anyway).

And yeah, I did have a dream of being a TV meteorologist, but the more I got into it and the longer I volunteered in the weather center, the older the experience got. Plus, my math stinks and I wasn’t about to go through that especially since I narrowly escaped the clutches of mathematical nonsense in high school. But, my dreams have simply changed mediums and the passion is transferred into my latest book project(s).

Unrealistic, to me, is to have a dream with no plan, no idea and no depth of how serious and how much work it will take. Unrealistic, to me, is the idea that your name will be in lights and that it will only take one step to make you world renowned. It’s like being the guy who writes that one book and expects to be a New York Times Bestseller by the end of the month. Chances are, it’s not going to happen…and you know what…that’s okay! It doesn’t have to!

Unrealistic views and expectations tend to set us up for failure. It makes us ask of ourselves what we can’t possibly expect or hope to achieve. That doesn’t mean we can’t do awesome and incredible things in our fields or professions…it just means that we have to be reasonable here about how much, how far, how deep and how long we can go.

To dream and be realistic means getting up at 5AM in the morning to do a little blogging or writing and then leaving for work not but an hour or two later. To dream and be realistic means going to school or getting more education even after sitting in a mind-numbing cubicle somewhere. To dream and be realistic means staying up a little later than usual just so you can get that extra comic strip done, that extra chapter written or that blog post posted!

Realistically, it is our “reasonable” service!

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Refocused On Purpose, For Purpose


What if something major that happened in your life actually pushed you towards your passions and priorities rather than off the cliff?

What if…everything you thought that was so important…so needed…your livelihood, your comfort and your standard of living…was suddenly yanked out from under you.

You would feel naked, right!? You would feel a deep sense of worthlessness and failure! Right? Or, maybe, just maybe, that’s actually a state of mind choice.

Well, that’s my thought as I write this!

Monday afternoon while running errands throughout Dallas I was listing to one of my favorite preachers, Ricardo Miller, give a sermon about Jeremiah and how God called him to his purpose. The sermon was entitled, “Lord help my mind” and he preached from Jeremiah 1:4-10.

I drove down the road listening to that sermon and the longer I listened and took in what was being shared the more I began to come apart. In tears and filling with joy, I drove up and down the freeway realizing that everything that was happening to me was so I could understand what was really more important in my life…and to re-adjust me towards following my purpose in life within the purpose of serving the Lord and serving people.

As of Monday night, I got back into drawing my comic strip and began churning out multiple strips throughout the late night hours. I will continue to do this till I reach the intended goal of 21…the required amount for potential syndication.

That’s right…I’m going to get my comic strip, “Kid Eccentric,” syndicated! At least try too! I’ll have more on this in my next blog post!

I also feel a sense of calm and less stress since I now am in a new journey. To be honest, I’m looking forward to what happens next and I know that things will only get better from here. Even on Wednesday morning when I woke up, I felt this authoritative and yet humble feeling of serving as a youth minister, writer and cartoonist wash over me.

My apologies for not blogging as MUCH as I normally do. I appreciate EVERY single one of you and your support! I love the fact that a few peeps are actually reading my blog and I intend to bring GOOD content as much as possible even in this amazing

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Life Lessons Learned From A Weekend Of Moving

Starting A New (NOT Starting Over)


This Sunday was a different experience around the dinner table at my aunt’s and uncle’s. I explained the them that I had no choice but to just move out of my apartment and start things over in my life.

My uncle walked in and exclaimed that this was not merely a “start over” in my life as much as it was a “new beginning.” At least, that’s the best way I remember him saying it. He was telling me how God was moving me from one storyline to a new season…a new storyline.

I’m good with that! Interesting that an hour before he told me that the sermon at church was about “Pressing On.”

Moving out was hard…both physically and mentally. The more my apartment emptied out the more depressing it looked. I recalled all the fun times I had staying in that place and wished that it would last a little longer. But throughout the entire move it felt like the Lord was letting me see some things…little things that spoke large volumes over the situation.

Ultimately, I learned if you want to go forward and be successful, sometimes the thing, the places, the people that we hold on too so tightly have to go in order for us to go forward.

Blasts From The Past


Speaking of going forward, I ran into some items that reminded me of how far I have come and my passions…from old comics and illustrations I sketched together…to old hats I used to wear from my favorite media outlets…right down to some comic books that I bought from an epic cartoonist named Chris Moujaes.

As I held on to those comics, I kid-like kind of excitement surged through me as I thought about the very first time I bought “Coz Effect” and “Battlegate.” I read them over and over and I promised myself I wouldn’t get rid of these…EVER! The illustrations and drawings as well as the impeccable storyline was too good to just let go. I even got the chance to read a page or two even though I was really supposed to be packing.


Typical cartoonist and comic fan…I know!

But, I couldn’t help it. Which, of course, reminded me of my own passion and the passion I have for media.

Even when I found my old Fox 4 News hat, I felt the same way. The excitement…the memories…the fact that all of my experiences began to culminate into something bigger than myself. Right now…it sucked…but looking at these mile markers made me realize that it was really going to be “OK.”


Now What…?!


Once I was done moving into my new spot, I plugged in the TV and my computer and chose to stream some local news to catch up with the universe and watch “Gravity Falls.”

I had to relax and rest and let myself soak up my new surroundings and the new reality of what was potentially to come.

Right now, everything seems to be moving at fast pace but I’m confident that things will surely slow down a bit. I haven’t had a chance to do a WHOLE lot of writing or drawing and that’s sort of making me anxious and irritable.

As I read and look at epic work that inspires me to follow my passion of writing and cartooning along with ministry in the first place…people like Lincoln Peirce (Big Nate), Danny Fry (Skooled), Jeff Kinney (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) and H.G. Sansostri (Little Dudes Skool Survival Guide)….I can’t help but be excited about my own work and the future that lies before me!

God called me to a great place and position and I refuse to be upset or disappointed about my current spot in life.


But, I won’t let it frustrate me…after all, I have Faith that it’ll work out and that if I’m disciplined and focus the time will be available to do what I’ve been called to do.


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Asking For Your Help

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 2.25.54 AM

Not too long ago I wrote and published “22 Life Lessons for Personal Growth,” but I need your help.

I actually am doing a LOT more speaking and a LOT more connecting with children, teens and adults and I want to be able to give away as many books as possible. In the book, I tell about my struggle through Special Ed and being bullied and teased but how I overcame such a struggle.

The only way this is possible is to be able to get as many books as possible ordered in an effort to get my books into the hands of many. I want individuals to be able to read my book and be inspired and encouraged to go forward.

My hope is to also expand this particular endeavor for it to not only cover MY book, but also to cover purchasing other books as well as to encourage literacy in schools, businesses, organizations and ministries. I want children and teens especially to have their hands on books that they may have never read or had a chance to read, be it fictional or non-fictional.

If you are able to donate any amount at this time, it would be highly appreciated if you did so by going to this link at my GoFundMe page.

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