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Asking For Your Help

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Not too long ago I wrote and published “22 Life Lessons for Personal Growth,” but I need your help.

I actually am doing a LOT more speaking and a LOT more connecting with children, teens and adults and I want to be able to give away as many books as possible. In the book, I tell about my struggle through Special Ed and being bullied and teased but how I overcame such a struggle.

The only way this is possible is to be able to get as many books as possible ordered in an effort to get my books into the hands of many. I want individuals to be able to read my book and be inspired and encouraged to go forward.

My hope is to also expand this particular endeavor for it to not only cover MY book, but also to cover purchasing other books as well as to encourage literacy in schools, businesses, organizations and ministries. I want children and teens especially to have their hands on books that they may have never read or had a chance to read, be it fictional or non-fictional.

If you are able to donate any amount at this time, it would be highly appreciated if you did so by going to this link at my GoFundMe page.

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Service To Morons…Uh…I Mean…Uh…People


I’ve been working as a leasing agent for an apartment complex for the past few weeks and have learned so much about people and about customer service.

I quickly realized what it is like to be on the other side of the table…the person delivering the service.

I have been there before but never in this capacity.

People can be rude, obnoxious, bossy, demanding and just downright crazy.

It could make people who served with a smile on their face for a little while grow bitter, angry and skeptical.

I, on the other hand, can get very sarcastic if I don’t check it at the door on a daily basis.

I think that’s what God is trying to show me now. He’s wanting me to live the way Jesus desires me to live; Everything I’m going through in this new little job is a live ammo training zone. I’m in training in the middle of a real war that’s very much spiritual as well as mental.

While reading the book, “Retweeting Jesus” by Trent Renner, I discovered one of my favorite sections of the book (Chapter 12: Words) I read a while back and re-read it again:

“Jesus also says that, when we have what is often called a foul mouth, it’s not actually a foul mouth; it’s a foul heart. Words we choose to use are products of our spiritual heart’s condition.”

James 1:26-27 says the following:

“Those who consider themselves religious and yet do not keep a tight rein on their tongues deceive themselves, and their religion is worthless. Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”

Over the week, I found myself being a bit sarcastic, cynical and just downright unhappy with people. I found myself looking at the faults of people rather than the source of their frustration. I’ve done this kind of thing for many years, especially being as one whose gone through bullying, teasing and the struggle of being so unaccepted.

But, think about it. Wouldn’t you be brutally irritated if you called maintenance and days upon days later nothing was done? Wouldn’t you be quite angry if no one got back to you with a simple phone call? Wouldn’t you be a little disappointed with less than excellent service?

Even if you didn’t mean for bad service to occur, and granted we’re not perfect, you realize quickly that you have to look from the perspective of the other person. It’s not so much that they are “moron’s,” which by the way, Jesus (and Trent Renner who quoted Jesus) advises us NOT to call folks derogatory names or words but to show love and grace towards those we totally don’t get…to the people who rub us the wrong way.

I’m learning in my own work, from this current job, to be a better servant just by observing the good and the bad of what I see now. I’m learning to make my “YES” a good and simple “YES” and my “NO” exactly the same way.

In this new part of my life, I’m learning that individuals are different. They have the tendency to sin…a lot. They have a tendency to be impatient, angry, confused, frustrating and just…arrrrggg….you know!

Then again, that’s just like me…or at least what I used to be!

How about you?

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Who Are You – EXTRAS From my Book “22 Life Lessons for Personal Growth”


I wrote a LOT about cartoons and about life and issues I faced as a kid and as a young man in my book, “22 Life Lessons for ┬áPersonal Growth.” I talked about how I saw myself during such a rough period of being teased, bullied, picked on and much more.

Now, in spite of my errors and occasional failures, I see myself in a much better light. My time spent in church and spent around good people over the years has given me a better view of myself as well as an honest and critical view of how I see myself.

Everything I had to go through and deal with has brought me to an amazing place where I am finally coming into my own, realizing who I truly am!

You may say you know who you are, but do you really KNOW who you are!? Do you really know that you were created for much better than what you’re doing?

We have an opportunity to be incredibly awesome or incredibly ineffective, and I would rather be incredibly awesome. Does that mean I won’t have errors from time to time? No, of course not! But, I would prefer to be who I am and enjoy that.

But, before you get out there and start being awesome, you should really research and find out who you really are.

Read some books. Crack open that Bible and read who you are and who’s you are! Go out of town and travel somewhere you’ve never been before. Eat something different compared to what’s down your street.

I’ve been telling people all week to “be different.” If you want different results this new year…awesome results…and awesome life…and have an awesome time…do something different and do things differently.

After all, who you are IS different. You were never meant to be a repetitive robot!


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