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Asking For Your Help

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Not too long ago I wrote and published “22 Life Lessons for Personal Growth,” but I need your help.

I actually am doing a LOT more speaking and a LOT more connecting with children, teens and adults and I want to be able to give away as many books as possible. In the book, I tell about my struggle through Special Ed and being bullied and teased but how I overcame such a struggle.

The only way this is possible is to be able to get as many books as possible ordered in an effort to get my books into the hands of many. I want individuals to be able to read my book and be inspired and encouraged to go forward.

My hope is to also expand this particular endeavor for it to not only cover MY book, but also to cover purchasing other books as well as to encourage literacy in schools, businesses, organizations and ministries. I want children and teens especially to have their hands on books that they may have never read or had a chance to read, be it fictional or non-fictional.

If you are able to donate any amount at this time, it would be highly appreciated if you did so by going to this link at my GoFundMe page.

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Writing And Finishing Your Book: 3 Steps To Start and Finish Strong

Quite a few individuals have been asking me, “Kendall, how did you get started writing your book!?”

Here, I give an overview of what to do in multiple-parts videos.

You can start with Part One in the video:

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You Gotta Tell Your Story: 3 Reasons Why It Matters!


My story is very, very broad! I grew up as an only child with an imagination as big as Texas. I was bullied, teased and picked on for being “different,” and was essentially outcasted by my peer group.

I couldn’t understand them and they couldn’t understand me. No surprise!

As I said before in the most recent book I wrote, “I was that 11-year-old boy who was watching the State of the Union Address with sheer intent. I read the newspaper. I tracked the Dow Jones Industrial Average. I was different!”

But why does telling my story matter!? Who cares, right!?

Because I believe, out there, there’s several kids and even some adults who are nodding their heads in agreement. They are saying deep down in their hearts and minds, “yes, yes Kendall, that was ME! That’s my story too!!! I felt like a gifted child trapped in a prison I didn’t belong in!”

It’s not that they or myself felt like they were better than other people. It was just we knew that we had a deep calling, a purpose several times larger than the junk our peers were even thinking about.

I tell my story because THEY need to hear that someone overcame the struggles of being teased, picked on and bullied…that I’m no longer living in the past and any moments or desires to are replaced with a solid stance and a strong “NO,” daily being resolute with the fact that I do NOT have to walk, act or feel like a victim.

My victory comes from Jesus Christ! Therefore, I need not walk the way I used too: in a state of embarrassment, fear, hiding and the list goes on.

You may not think your own story matters, but I can tell you 3 reasons why you can’t take the chance or the stance that it doesn’t:

1. Your story is unique! Nobody knows your story like you! Your story may be quite different from mine and you may have a perspective that’s very different and unique from mine.

2. Your story can teach! Someone needs to know the history of your struggle as well as the struggles of others from history. If we do not tell the story of our own successes and failures then we run the risk of letting others aimlessly repeating or even falling into the same negative fate.

3. Your story can change a life. Jesus told Parables for a reason. It was to reach the lost. You have the ability to share an impactful story or a series of stories from your own life and help change someones life and point them in the right direction. You can inspire, encourage, direct, correct and much more through the art of storytelling.

You matter and your stories matter. After all, some of the best stories are a conversation away.

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Sonic the Hedgehog and the Inspiration to Write “22 Life…”

Sonic and Tails from the fan famed "Sonic SatAM" series which ran on ABC Saturday Mornings in the 90s.

Sonic and Tails from the fan famed “Sonic SatAM” series which ran on ABC Saturday Mornings in the 90s.

It is no secret for those of you who know me well online and offline that I am a HUGE fan of “Sonic the Hedgehog.”

Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles “Tails” Prower have influenced my life greatly from childhood to adulthood. Sonic’s confidence and Tails’ heart is what really spoke to me along with the special gifts they had. Certainly we can’t forget about the fact that they were on the side of good, the heroes!

Over the weekend, I was reminded again of how important and meaningful the “Sonic the Hedgehog” franchise has been to me.

This young man, @CruiseCarter on Twitter asked me to draw a picture of him hanging out with Sonic. He also drew a picture of himself and Sonic. This reminded me of when I was younger and needless to say I had a lot of fun attempting to draw Sonic. In my humble opinion, I think I’m better drawing my own characters like I did for “22 Life Lessons fro Personal Growth.”

My Drawing of "Sonic" with @CruiseCarter on Twitter (c) Cartoon Daily News, 2013

My Drawing of “Sonic” with @CruiseCarter on Twitter (c) Cartoon Daily News, 2013

The drawing of Sonic and @CruiseCarter by @CruiseCarter

The drawing of Sonic and @CruiseCarter by @CruiseCarter

After all, I related to Sonic in the sense that he ran when he needed to and he ran incredibly fast. Sonic never really worried about being picked on or called names. He was, and still is, the hedgehog with an attitude!

In essence, “Sonic the Hedgehog” was a person that I totally wished I could be like.

I wanted THAT kind of confidence. I wanted THAT kind of flare. I wanted a kind of friend that Tails was to Sonic. And I especially wanted to be known for a special gift. For Sonic, it was super speed along with several other attacks.

In the book, “22 Life Lessons for Personal Growth” I talk about desiring to be like some of my favorite cartoon characters. I desired to acquire some of the same characteristics that they embodied: a kind of bravery, confidence, self-esteem, love and hope that my favorite heroic characters in cartoons and comics had!

Needless to say, I knew I couldn’t possibly be “Sonic the Hedgehog.” Instead, I had to go with what was real and that was hard, very hard!

I mean, back then, at the time that I sat there and observed and appreciated the awesomeness of “Sonic the Hedgehog,” and the fact that he went on incredible adventures, fought and defeated enemies and got the girl while I lived the life of the bullied, socially awkward kid, who could blame me for desiring what Sonic had!?

A lot of dark times in my childhood were cleared up by those times that I was, by the Grace of God, able to escape the harshness of the world and watch my favorite hedgehog on television, play the games and read the comics.

Nothing necessarily changed until my Faith in God and Christ changed, the realization that I could be better than Sonic actually! I could be the real thing! Only thing, I wouldn’t be able to run 0-60 in seven seconds or less. But, I was pretty sure I could live with that.

I could have real strength, real confidence, real love, real hope, real LIFE…only place it comes and it could EVER come from is my relationship with Jesus Christ!

Sonic the Hedgehog still played a pretty important part in the book in the sense that it, to me, was God’s way of showing me the way to Him as a kid. It was during each episode I ever saw that I found those “grace moments,” the periods in which I KNEW that God never just left me hanging. The same goes for other cartoons and comics I ever got involved with.

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