Inspiration for “22 Life Lessons For Personal Growth”


One year before I wrote “22 Life Lessons For Personal Growth,” I did a LOT of drawing.

Anytime I found a lonesome sticky note, I would start sketching. Before I knew it, sketching on sticky notes became my thing. I became more and more inspired and I began to create this character with wavy hair and glasses.

It wouldn’t be until a few months within that same year that I would name him “Miles Cooper.”

Most of the stories I write, whether they are short stories are big book stories, I normally focus on a kind of coming-of-age tale. The story of a boy or girl who finds themselves in an adventure that unleashes their true identity is a kind of storyline that has always fascinated me. This is mostly the case with me because, for me, Elementary and Jr. High was one of many of the defining moments in my life.

22 Life Lessons For Personal Growth” made things even more interesting (and more a challenge) because I had to take Miles Cooper and put him in a setting I didn’t originally plan for him: a sharer of life and experiences. The more I got into writing, the more I realized it actually worked. Mainly because if you look at books like “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” or Judy Blume books like “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing,” you find the main characters sort of telling their story, sharing their obstacles with the reader. Those are fun reads and fun to write.

The added bonus was the adding of the cartoons I drew into the book. I enjoyed that as much as I did writing more than 50,000 words.

“22 Life Lessons for Personal Growth” is available for purchase online right now.


My latest book, "22 Life Lessons For Personal Growth."

My latest book, “22 Life Lessons For Personal Growth.”

The 2013 MacBook Pro ( For School )


Got a new tool in my Apple arsenal!

It’s a 2013 Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch!

My new online school, Full Sail, sent it to me! I’m using it for my Masters in Creative Writing coursework!

That means I’ll spend a ton of time in storyboarding programs as well as bunch of other bells and whistles!

While it’s buckets bigger than my MacBook Air, I must admit, it’s nice to get a CD/DVD drive back! And the screen size is ginormous so that’s more than enough space for what I do!

I’ll write a blog post or two on it but I don’t intend on making it my primary blogger computer, but, it may serve as my mobile cartooning compy! But priorities first of course; it will be my homework machine!

I’ll keep you guys updated!


Dell Latitude E4310 Laptop


Normally, when it comes to blogging or writing, I use my MacBook Air (which I will ALWAYS continue to use until further notice).

Sunday evening, I chose to invest in a PC laptop, a Dell Latitude E4310.

I got the laptop from Craig’s List and met up with a local guy who sells these plus other tools that I use for my blog and writing work.

Now, you might be wondering, “if I use msotly Apple, why a PC laptop all of a sudden!?”
Fair question!

I chose to purchase this laptop for two reasons: it’s size and weight and the necessity of testing websites on a Windows PC so I wouldn’t miss anything that the Apple computers can catch easily.

Having a PC along with my Apple machines have their benefits as well. I do enjoy the keyboard, which is backlit. The screen is just right and, either way, can plug into one of my external monitors should I need to do deep and extensive work on it.

For a laptop that used to be used for business, its suited up quite nicely!

It has an iCore 5 processor, 4 GB of memory, a 250 GB hard drive and a 13.3 inch screen (1366×768). The cost out of my pocket: $350.

Again, I will continue to use my MacBook for the most extensive portions of my work, but the PC laptop I have is here to stay, at least for the testing of my sites and anything else I choose to do that’s neat and productive.