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Life Lessons Learned From A Weekend Of Moving

Starting A New (NOT Starting Over)


This Sunday was a different experience around the dinner table at my aunt’s and uncle’s. I explained the them that I had no choice but to just move out of my apartment and start things over in my life.

My uncle walked in and exclaimed that this was not merely a “start over” in my life as much as it was a “new beginning.” At least, that’s the best way I remember him saying it. He was telling me how God was moving me from one storyline to a new season…a new storyline.

I’m good with that! Interesting that an hour before he told me that the sermon at church was about “Pressing On.”

Moving out was hard…both physically and mentally. The more my apartment emptied out the more depressing it looked. I recalled all the fun times I had staying in that place and wished that it would last a little longer. But throughout the entire move it felt like the Lord was letting me see some things…little things that spoke large volumes over the situation.

Ultimately, I learned if you want to go forward and be successful, sometimes the thing, the places, the people that we hold on too so tightly have to go in order for us to go forward.

Blasts From The Past


Speaking of going forward, I ran into some items that reminded me of how far I have come and my passions…from old comics and illustrations I sketched together…to old hats I used to wear from my favorite media outlets…right down to some comic books that I bought from an epic cartoonist named Chris Moujaes.

As I held on to those comics, I kid-like kind of excitement surged through me as I thought about the very first time I bought “Coz Effect” and “Battlegate.” I read them over and over and I promised myself I wouldn’t get rid of these…EVER! The illustrations and drawings as well as the impeccable storyline was too good to just let go. I even got the chance to read a page or two even though I was really supposed to be packing.


Typical cartoonist and comic fan…I know!

But, I couldn’t help it. Which, of course, reminded me of my own passion and the passion I have for media.

Even when I found my old Fox 4 News hat, I felt the same way. The excitement…the memories…the fact that all of my experiences began to culminate into something bigger than myself. Right now…it sucked…but looking at these mile markers made me realize that it was really going to be “OK.”


Now What…?!


Once I was done moving into my new spot, I plugged in the TV and my computer and chose to stream some local news to catch up with the universe and watch “Gravity Falls.”

I had to relax and rest and let myself soak up my new surroundings and the new reality of what was potentially to come.

Right now, everything seems to be moving at fast pace but I’m confident that things will surely slow down a bit. I haven’t had a chance to do a WHOLE lot of writing or drawing and that’s sort of making me anxious and irritable.

As I read and look at epic work that inspires me to follow my passion of writing and cartooning along with ministry in the first place…people like Lincoln Peirce (Big Nate), Danny Fry (Skooled), Jeff Kinney (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) and H.G. Sansostri (Little Dudes Skool Survival Guide)….I can’t help but be excited about my own work and the future that lies before me!

God called me to a great place and position and I refuse to be upset or disappointed about my current spot in life.


But, I won’t let it frustrate me…after all, I have Faith that it’ll work out and that if I’m disciplined and focus the time will be available to do what I’ve been called to do.


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Ministry and Partnership

From Left to Right, Kendall Lyons and Fredrick Johnson

From Left to Right, Kendall Lyons and Fredrick Johnson

I had the awesome privilege of being able to have lunch with Frederick Johnson, a motivational speaker with a huge heart for Christ and for children and families. I had a chance to hear Frederick Johnson on Ricardo Miller’s radio show, Children’s Ministry Today. On the show, he spoke strongly about partnership and sharing, something that all of us as ministry leaders and volunteers and workers should embrace.

Everyone in the body of Christ has an opportunity to share a gift and should have that opportunity to share their God-given talent and gift. To add, we should be able to support one another, encourage one another and uplift one another in the Lord.

Two are better than one,
Because they have a good reward for their labor (Ecclesiastes 4:9, NKJV).

Frederick Johnson’s analysis on partnership was one that could also be brought into the business and entrepreneurial setting. If you don’t share with others, don’t expect to receive later. If you are not connecting and networking with others, don’t expect to be known for what you do as well as others to share your work.

Ministry can be a lonely road sometimes, but it doesn’t have to remain that way. The same goes or start-ups, businesses and entrepreneurship. We must build and maintain strong and healthy relationships with one another in order to survive and go forward! Otherwise, you miss out on a very important piece of ministry development and business growth.

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Inspiration for “22 Life Lessons For Personal Growth”


One year before I wrote “22 Life Lessons For Personal Growth,” I did a LOT of drawing.

Anytime I found a lonesome sticky note, I would start sketching. Before I knew it, sketching on sticky notes became my thing. I became more and more inspired and I began to create this character with wavy hair and glasses.

It wouldn’t be until a few months within that same year that I would name him “Miles Cooper.”

Most of the stories I write, whether they are short stories are big book stories, I normally focus on a kind of coming-of-age tale. The story of a boy or girl who finds themselves in an adventure that unleashes their true identity is a kind of storyline that has always fascinated me. This is mostly the case with me because, for me, Elementary and Jr. High was one of many of the defining moments in my life.

22 Life Lessons For Personal Growth” made things even more interesting (and more a challenge) because I had to take Miles Cooper and put him in a setting I didn’t originally plan for him: a sharer of life and experiences. The more I got into writing, the more I realized it actually worked. Mainly because if you look at books like “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” or Judy Blume books like “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing,” you find the main characters sort of telling their story, sharing their obstacles with the reader. Those are fun reads and fun to write.

The added bonus was the adding of the cartoons I drew into the book. I enjoyed that as much as I did writing more than 50,000 words.

“22 Life Lessons for Personal Growth” is available for purchase online right now.


My latest book, "22 Life Lessons For Personal Growth."

My latest book, “22 Life Lessons For Personal Growth.”

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An Overcomer


I haven’t heard this particular scripture preached in some time now! What a breath of fresh air it truly was when I heard a minister preach John 16:33 and drive the point home that in Christ we too can and will overcome. Why, because of the peace of Jesus Christ:

These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

Let’s face it. It is tough to overcome the junk in this world. It is especially tough when you try to do it alone. In fact, I argue that doing it alone will leave you overcome instead of in the status of being an “overcomer.”

I heard an older preacher at a revival once say that the Lord did not design us to just “live with it all” but to “live beyond it.” Hence why I am so thankful for Jesus Christ being in my life. It is because of Him I am an overcomer and I am able to overcome junk by living and dwelling in his peace in my time of tribulation, or trouble.

Another point to drive home out of this text is this: “in this world you will have tribulation.”

This is not a easy pill to swallow, but it is the truth. The world we live in can be unfair, cruel, dark, crazy, scary and just downright messed up. While a lot of good things can happen here while we are alive and well, Jesus clearly warns us here that we WILL go through tribulation. Trust in the world will only bring trouble, not triumph. But trust in Jesus will bring victory, victory that we have through the Son of God! Victory that we couldn’t obtain by any other means.


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