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Are You A Dreamer or Unrealistic


Are you a dreamer? Or, are you unrealistic?

I suppose it is easy to determine the two, right? The truth is, it’s hard depending on where your mind and heart is.

You can dream of being an incredible creative and writer all day long but the reality of a day job and other responsibilities hit you in the face day after day!

So, what do you do? Do you wallow in self-pity and give up? I don’t think so! I think that will only make matters much, MUCH worse.

I’m learning that in order for my day-job to later transition into a dream-job…writing and creative work like cartoons and blogging…I have to take realistic steps and at the same time I have to have a reasonable dream.

I’m not dreaming these days of being a nuclear scientist like I did when I was age 8…but I can still nurture the interest I have in the subject in other ways. I’m not going to dream of being a Football player because it’s neither my calling…and frankly…I’m not in shape for it. Plus, I could care less for the sport (or most sports outside of Hockey, Skateboarding and Baseball anyway).

And yeah, I did have a dream of being a TV meteorologist, but the more I got into it and the longer I volunteered in the weather center, the older the experience got. Plus, my math stinks and I wasn’t about to go through that especially since I narrowly escaped the clutches of mathematical nonsense in high school. But, my dreams have simply changed mediums and the passion is transferred into my latest book project(s).

Unrealistic, to me, is to have a dream with no plan, no idea and no depth of how serious and how much work it will take. Unrealistic, to me, is the idea that your name will be in lights and that it will only take one step to make you world renowned. It’s like being the guy who writes that one book and expects to be a New York Times Bestseller by the end of the month. Chances are, it’s not going to happen…and you know what…that’s okay! It doesn’t have to!

Unrealistic views and expectations tend to set us up for failure. It makes us ask of ourselves what we can’t possibly expect or hope to achieve. That doesn’t mean we can’t do awesome and incredible things in our fields or professions…it just means that we have to be reasonable here about how much, how far, how deep and how long we can go.

To dream and be realistic means getting up at 5AM in the morning to do a little blogging or writing and then leaving for work not but an hour or two later. To dream and be realistic means going to school or getting more education even after sitting in a mind-numbing cubicle somewhere. To dream and be realistic means staying up a little later than usual just so you can get that extra comic strip done, that extra chapter written or that blog post posted!

Realistically, it is our “reasonable” service!

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Writing And Finishing Your Book: 3 Steps To Start and Finish Strong

Quite a few individuals have been asking me, “Kendall, how did you get started writing your book!?”

Here, I give an overview of what to do in multiple-parts videos.

You can start with Part One in the video:

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Book Launch Party A Success

The book launch party was incredible! Just the right number of peeps showed up and the entire party was supported quite nicely! I had the great opportunity to share from the book and read excerpts from it, AND, had two of the contributors of my book present at the party.

I look forward to writing many more books and doing more of these kind of parties. It was worth every second of preparation and promotion.

This party was also an opportunity for me to learn the do’s and do not’s of promotion and marketing, all of which served as a pretty hefty but healthy learning curve for me. No need to worry, however, as I intend to make a note of all the success that came out of this party.

Self-Publishing in of itself has it’s challenges, but to be completely honest, I’m enjoying the ride for now. I would LOVE to be picked up by a large publisher, but there’s something about the adventure and freedom of being self-published that just makes the entire journey exciting! Granted, you have twice the work with twice the responsibility from promotion to finance to actual completion of the project itself, but I honestly believe that this is good for me. It keeps me on my toes and it keeps me focused!

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