Big Nate Accomplishes Big Record

The "Big Nate" bus sitting in the Barnes & Noble Parking Lot in Hurst, TX

The “Big Nate” bus sitting in the Barnes & Noble Parking Lot in Hurst, TX

The Longest Strip

If you were watching NBC “The Today Show” last week, you found out that the comic strip, “Big Nate” was a part of a Guiness World Record ┬ábreaking event, setting a record for the longest comic strip at 3,920 feet.

Congrats to Lincoln Peirce, the creator of “Big Nate,” the school children who contributed to this epic work as well as the people of Harper Collins.

I’ve followed Mr. Peirce’s work for some time now and have discovered more and more amazing things about him and his work as a cartoonist and author. Mr. Peirce created “Big Nate” nearly 20 years ago and now has become an incredible hit, BUT, there’s a deeper lesson to be learned here…the lesson of “staying power,” and discipline, determination and dedication.

That’s unheard of in the world we live in today.

If it doesn’t work out in a week we are done with it…and it stinks that we are like that sometimes!

This also is convicting to me both as a writer and a cartoonist and minister!

For A Cause

What I love about this huge endeavor is that it was more than just a big fat publicity stunt. Harper Collins is going to donate $10,000 worth of books to a non-profit geared towards promoting educational material and books to those less fortunate and underprivileged.

Once again, this is prove that cartoons can be for more than just laughs. They can change and impact lives forever! Cartoons have done that for me during times of being bullied and teased and they do it for somebody out there that’s feeling misunderstood, disconnected, alone or scared. Think of the kind of affect that cartoons, comics, art and illustration have on us all.

I’m grateful to have met Mr. Peirce in person and am grateful for every good and awesome cartoonist and artist looking to help move youth and adults forward in life!

It should encourage anyone, be it an author, minister, blogger, teacher or cartoonist (amateur or otherwise) to push to do it “BIG!”

Staying Encouraged


As of late, I have been experiencing the true meaning of challenge and the testing of ones Faith!

In spite of these struggles, I’ll admit, I’ve got to be one of the very blessed during this time of my life.

All in one day, I received phone calls from my uncle and mentor, my mother, my cousin whose like a little brother to me and one of m best friends and the message they offered was clear and concise: “be encouraged…keep going…don’t quit.”


Some people don’t have close friends and family around them to pull them out of a funk! We need people around us to help snap us out of it! I am learning that in the most surreal and incredible way!

I’m grateful and thankful to be surrounded by people who love Jesus, love people and love others through their quirks and issues of life!

So my encouragement to you is this! Don’t give up! You’re not as bad as you think! You’re not a loser! Go forward even if it doesn’t seem to matter or make sense. When it’s all said and done it most certainly will come together!

Book Launch Party A Success

The book launch party was incredible! Just the right number of peeps showed up and the entire party was supported quite nicely! I had the great opportunity to share from the book and read excerpts from it, AND, had two of the contributors of my book present at the party.

I look forward to writing many more books and doing more of these kind of parties. It was worth every second of preparation and promotion.

This party was also an opportunity for me to learn the do’s and do not’s of promotion and marketing, all of which served as a pretty hefty but healthy learning curve for me. No need to worry, however, as I intend to make a note of all the success that came out of this party.

Self-Publishing in of itself has it’s challenges, but to be completely honest, I’m enjoying the ride for now. I would LOVE to be picked up by a large publisher, but there’s something about the adventure and freedom of being self-published that just makes the entire journey exciting! Granted, you have twice the work with twice the responsibility from promotion to finance to actual completion of the project itself, but I honestly believe that this is good for me. It keeps me on my toes and it keeps me focused!