Staying Connected

Angelo from "Angelo Rules" (c) Cake Entertainment

Angelo from “Angelo Rules” (c) Cake Entertainment

I didn’t realize just how serious and important it was to stay connected to people until recently. There’s a deep need in me to have a connection with people that will, if not checked, come out in other ways, ways that will lead me to trouble and depression.

In conclusion, we are meant to be connected to one another.

And no, not just digitally or through social media! I’m talking real face-to-face communication!

One day, while writing and working with my friend in the room we so awesomely call “The War Room,” Joshua shared with me the fact that we do need time with our friends or brothers! If we do not we have issues later that show the desperate need for it.

He’s absolutely right!

We are not meant (or even created) to be by ourselves ALL the time. We have to have a connection with one another that’s real, true, live and genuine.


Inspiration for “22 Life Lessons For Personal Growth”


One year before I wrote “22 Life Lessons For Personal Growth,” I did a LOT of drawing.

Anytime I found a lonesome sticky note, I would start sketching. Before I knew it, sketching on sticky notes became my thing. I became more and more inspired and I began to create this character with wavy hair and glasses.

It wouldn’t be until a few months within that same year that I would name him “Miles Cooper.”

Most of the stories I write, whether they are short stories are big book stories, I normally focus on a kind of coming-of-age tale. The story of a boy or girl who finds themselves in an adventure that unleashes their true identity is a kind of storyline that has always fascinated me. This is mostly the case with me because, for me, Elementary and Jr. High was one of many of the defining moments in my life.

22 Life Lessons For Personal Growth” made things even more interesting (and more a challenge) because I had to take Miles Cooper and put him in a setting I didn’t originally plan for him: a sharer of life and experiences. The more I got into writing, the more I realized it actually worked. Mainly because if you look at books like “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” or Judy Blume books like “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing,” you find the main characters sort of telling their story, sharing their obstacles with the reader. Those are fun reads and fun to write.

The added bonus was the adding of the cartoons I drew into the book. I enjoyed that as much as I did writing more than 50,000 words.

“22 Life Lessons for Personal Growth” is available for purchase online right now.


My latest book, "22 Life Lessons For Personal Growth."

My latest book, “22 Life Lessons For Personal Growth.”

My iPhone 5

My iPhone 5

My iPhone 5


As most people know about me, I’m a huge advocate for Apple products. I haven’t seen an Apple product that I disliked and today marks proof of this.

I finally own an iPhone 5!

Some have been asking me, “why not wait till the next iPhone?”

Easy, I know it will be so expensive that if enough people bought it the amount consumers would spend on it could be enough to pay half of America’s debt (though I’m just exaggerating here of course).

And two, I just wanted a new Apple device! A lot of great things are happening on the blogging, writing and career front. So, I chose to actually celebrate by getting a device that will help me with all three.

The screen resolution is both clear and awesome (especially since it has a Retina Display), the speed is faster than my old iPhone 4 and the screen gives me plenty of room. Plus, I got away from the plain old black iPhone color and went with white this time.

What I will use my iPhone 5 the most with is blogging, photography and video. I’ll also use it to take multiple pictures of my sketches.