It Doesn’t Happen Overnight


Overnight Celebrity

The surest thing to happen overnight are murders, high speed chases, drinking and disorderly conduct or hitting the lottery. But, there’s an even higher chance you’ll get trashed before even hitting the big jackpot.

Big Confession

I have a huge confession to make and I’m want to be bold enough and honest enough to share it both here and now.

I quit if something I’m trying doesn’t happen overnight. If I don’t see results in under 24-48 hours, I tend to lose my interest, confidence and drive. Everything in me for it fades away slowly into a failures fog.

Interestingly enough, when it happens with regards to writing, ministry or cartoons, I always come back to it even when it doesn’t look good.

The Realization

Yesterday, it hit me! I was unrealistic with my thinking…that I would become something overnight.

I was expecting success to occur overnight!

My mindset was wrong!

What’s Real Success

I began to think about the many activities, hobbies and professional endeavors that took MORE than an “overnight” to become just “good” at.

Preaching took years, from 2005 to now just to be “good” and it could still be better.

Drawing took years, from 2006 to now just to be “okay” and it could STILL stand to be a lot better.

Writing took years from 2005 to now just to be “good,” and you get the picture.

I don’t consider myself to really be “successful,” but more learned and learning. I am a student of my craft and I’m fine with that. I’m also fine with being a student even if I’m ever an expert!

The Worth of Overnight Success

And I would think of it all this way…if your success was accomplished overnight, is it really worth anything?

Think about!?

When you compare someones years of blood, sweat and tears to someone else’s overnight accomplishment, does it really measure up? Absolutely not!

CJ Small, life coach, once told me that “the person who seems like the overnight success is the one whose been working at it for years.”

What Motivates You

This is something else that is problematic with me.

Motivation has to be something solid, real and foundational. If it is not, you will consider quitting. Your conviction has to be interconnected with your motivation.


God Is A Provider



So, most of you readers know that I am a professing Christian, a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.

And that’s hard….very hard!

Sometimes what you want you don’t get and the things you want to see happen good in the lives of others or your own…well…it just doesn’t work out. Faith is not something to be gawked at or picked on. It is certainly not something to be taken lightly. It is especially not always fun. It is downright scary and anxiety building.

But, scripture tells us to not be anxious over anything but to continue to be in prayer (Philippians 4:6).

A little while ago, I was invited to go to an event in Houston, Texas and I wasn’t sure if I would have the money. It was a different event from the author’s bash I told you guys about. This particular event was one where they bought some copies of my book and were going to have me on a panel. Needless to say, I was a bit concerned…okay fine, I was a little anxious. I was not happy with the possibility that I would NOT be able to go.

I was broke! No cash for gas and no cash for renting a vehicle let alone riding their.

So…What’s A Faith Walker To Do?

I prayed about it! I asked for God to just let His will be done. If I was privileged to go then great and if not to give me the mindset and heart to just accept it and go on. And yet, at the same time I knew I wasn’t given this opportunity just for me to observe it and walk away. I had enough faith to believe that something was going to happen for it work out.

And it did.

My friends and his wife called me just 24 hours before the event and volunteered their time and car so we could all road trip together to Houston.


Philippians 4:19 says this

And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

The Abased and Abound Creative

Paul wrote to the church in Philippi with regards to having much and having little…in other words, how to be abased and how to be abound! I think this is a very important lesson that we as authors, artists, speakers, teachers, preachers and creatives as a whole should embrace…going with what we have and working what what we have been blessed with.

And, yet, at the same time appreciating those incredible blessings that come to give us just a little more than what we originally had.


My Why…(A Poem)



Once was the boy who walked the halls, head down,

Teased, bullied, talked about and pushed around,

No one could possibly understand where my mind would go,

My peers were too caught up with trying to fit in to the world’s show.


First kid to take a test and last one to walk out,

Some said I was genius but deep down I would doubt,

My grades were so-so and not very stellar,

It was a rough elementary period and I began to think “whatever.”


Puberty made things a little bit more complicated,

I was already socially awkward, so I estimated,

That I would suffer a few more years of name calling and junk,

Not to mention not being very tough so I was also called a punk.


Special Ed and Speech Therapy was the daily norm for me,

Thick glasses and a funny accent was a future I could only see,

Until later a few people in my life actually cared,

To take a chance with a guy like me…they actually dared.


Still the kid who read comics and watched anime,

Who woke up early in the morning before school to watch Fox 4 Good Day,

I would still tolerate day after day,

The teasing and taunting for being just that way.


That same summer I mentioned earlier, I was asked to speak

It was for a youth service taking place that week,

I thought they were nuts…what would I possibly say,

Little did I realize that their was a reason things were supposed to be this way.


You may ask what my why is, this is it,

I had people in my life who told me never to quit,

Who accepted me for my idiosyncrasies,

And saw deep within me endless possibilities.


There’s a kid out there whose a lot like you and me,

Who need to hear that they matter you see,

That’s why I write, draw, preach and share,

Because someone needs to know that we care!

Refocused On Purpose, For Purpose


What if something major that happened in your life actually pushed you towards your passions and priorities rather than off the cliff?

What if…everything you thought that was so important…so needed…your livelihood, your comfort and your standard of living…was suddenly yanked out from under you.

You would feel naked, right!? You would feel a deep sense of worthlessness and failure! Right? Or, maybe, just maybe, that’s actually a state of mind choice.

Well, that’s my thought as I write this!

Monday afternoon while running errands throughout Dallas I was listing to one of my favorite preachers, Ricardo Miller, give a sermon about Jeremiah and how God called him to his purpose. The sermon was entitled, “Lord help my mind” and he preached from Jeremiah 1:4-10.

I drove down the road listening to that sermon and the longer I listened and took in what was being shared the more I began to come apart. In tears and filling with joy, I drove up and down the freeway realizing that everything that was happening to me was so I could understand what was really more important in my life…and to re-adjust me towards following my purpose in life within the purpose of serving the Lord and serving people.

As of Monday night, I got back into drawing my comic strip and began churning out multiple strips throughout the late night hours. I will continue to do this till I reach the intended goal of 21…the required amount for potential syndication.

That’s right…I’m going to get my comic strip, “Kid Eccentric,” syndicated! At least try too! I’ll have more on this in my next blog post!

I also feel a sense of calm and less stress since I now am in a new journey. To be honest, I’m looking forward to what happens next and I know that things will only get better from here. Even on Wednesday morning when I woke up, I felt this authoritative and yet humble feeling of serving as a youth minister, writer and cartoonist wash over me.

My apologies for not blogging as MUCH as I normally do. I appreciate EVERY single one of you and your support! I love the fact that a few peeps are actually reading my blog and I intend to bring GOOD content as much as possible even in this amazing