Back To My Roots

December 14, 2015
Beanie caps are awesome. That's all their is to it! - Kendall Lyons

Beanie caps are awesome. That’s all their is to it! – Kendall Lyons

It feels good to actually be back. I mean, really, really, really good! I haven’t really wrote in my blog for some time now and that is only because it has been crazy on my end.

The year 2015 has been a year filled with multiple changes and experiences and struggles that have only made me a better person going into the end of the year. I’m a better man because of this year and my Faith is even better because of the reality of having Jesus Christ in my life.

Coming back to my writing and blogging roots, much like where I started a few years ago, is exceptionally important to me now more than ever. My hope is that as I glide through my early 30’s you enjoy some of my life commentary and wisdom as I seek to learn from others before me and share them here.

During this day and age…now more than ever…it matters.

It matters because in this time and in this age I am required to speak up. Being silent just isn’t a luxury that I can afford and frankly I’m not interested in having it.

What you can expect to see here on the blog is a LOT more of my commentary on Media, Faith and Culture and reviewing where everything appears to be shifting. I’ll do very best as I can. There’s an awful lot to consider.

Do continue to stay tuned! Things are about to get really, really interesting!