Keep Telling Your Story

January 22, 2016



One of my favorite bloggers wrote an article about…well…blogging. After reading John Saddington’s article, I found myself feeling a bit motivated about the idea of continually blogging and sharing my story a bit more.

As you visit this page, you know quite a bit about me: video guy, cartoonist, writer, blogger, minister and the list goes on and on.

However, those areas of experience do not necessarily cover all there is to know about Kendall J. Lyons.

And, know what, that’s perfectly fine. That’s where my blog comes in, and, I’m just fine with that.

With that, I’ll keep telling the stories…the stories of great accomplishments…the stories of great failures…the stories that are funny…and the stories that make you think…and to be honest…should make you consider life and how we live it.