4 Things I Learned From Watching “Zootopia”

April 30, 2016


Earlier this week I went to the movies to see “Zootopia.” The movie was phenomenal and filled with a LOT of social commentary about following your dreams, never giving up, false assumptions and life as a whole.

The movie follows Judy Hopps, Zootopia’s first ever bunny police officer. It’s not easy for Judy at all as she strives to prove she has what it takes. While out writing tickets she meets Nick Wilde, a skillful scam artist fox, who ends up helping Judy solve the mystery behind missing animals and an even larger underhanded scheme that could ruin Zootopia.

Throughout the movie, I picked up on 3 major points that we could pull from the movie:

Having Dreams Mean You Can’t “Play It Safe.”

Judy’s dream since her childhood was to be a police officer! Others around her either told her that it wouldn’t make sense, she should give up and that she should “play it safe.” When it comes to dreams and goals there will come a time where you’ll have to take big risks.

Life is full of risks. How far are you really willing to risk it…step out on faith…and do what you’ve been called and created to do and be who you’ve been called and created to be!?

Never Give Up

Judy had multiple reasons to give up. And yet, for every moment she failed she continued to focus on her dream. Each moment featured a new challenge and no matter how bad things got she continued to persevere. And yes, it did look like it was all over, and yet, each challenge caused her to rise to the occasion every single time.

Re-Visit When You’ve Made False Agreements

John Eldredge in the book, “Wild at Heart,” addresses this. Somewhere in our childhood, because of bullying or abuse or people around us pouring negativity and hatred into our hearts, we made an agreement…a worldview statement…about life and about our dreams and goals.

Later in the movie, Nick tells Judy about the moment that his world shattered. It was the moment, form his childhood, that made him decide that he would not let anyone get to him…much less let them know it’s working. So, Nick chose the life of trying to force or scheme things to work in his favor. He gave up on even being something more in the world because the world saw him as something less than.

Seriously consider what has shaped you for so long. What issues, pains and experiences have helped shape you. Have you been forming your view on life around it!? Nick certainly did. He formed his view on life, on dreams and on his destiny around a moment in his childhood that was cruel, wrong and defining.



Judy doesn’t realize it, but, because of who she was as a person, she was in the position of showing Nick a better life. Her personality, character and persistence to do what she believed was right started changing Nick. The relationship building between Nick and Judy, be it forced at times, later turned in to an opportunity for redemption.

We can do better than where we are now. We need people…someone with a different view…a different perspective…a large heart…to help us and to guide us to better.

It starts with relationship followed by encouragement and, often, a ton of grace and mercy, to bring about that inward change.