Creative Saturday!

My usual routine is to wake up bright and early and grab a cup of coffee from the Keurig in the kitchen.

But this particular morning was a little different.

I slept in.

But I was still able to seize some part of the beautiful day and do some creative work. By “creative” work, I mean editing and updating my website, opening up my first Ko-Fi page, promoting my webcomic “By and By,” and pivoting towards doing some more drawing.

While doing that, I had a chance to have a Tumeric Tea, especially since I did consume my limit of coffee for the morning.


Returning to Writing

I began writing back in the mid-2000’s. 

I wasn’t too sure what to write about at the time. In fact, I sort of figured that most people wouldn’t necessarily care what I had to say. 

Most of what I wrote was an amalgamation of blog posts and images that focused on cartoons, comics, anime, video games, and my faith.

The blog essentially was a look inside my brain. 

But then I ran into people who read my stuff and thought, “wait, he thinks the way I think!” This made me excited. 

I was excited because I was helping people. I had no idea I was making a difference with my words. 

When I sent my blog posts out, I didn’t know that people were being encouraged. And dare I say, helped!

So, after all these years, here’s to my attempt to keep it going.