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A few months ago, I did the Kickstarter thing and learned a lot.

I also failed in it. Sort of, actually.

Because of that experience, I actually managed to learn quite a bit about what I was missing and what to consider when it comes to marketing and reaching people. I also learned the hard truths about what it means to engage people…especially if they could care less.

But, the whole experience did something else…it grew my love for cartooning and writing even more! Before I knew it, I was drawing with a much larger motivation than just to get my Kickstarter funded. I was drawing because I was reminded of why I loved to do it in the first and second place.

Instead of being upset and depressed over it, I realized that this was just one of the many things I had to just take as a major learning experience. I’m 110% okay with that and I’m grateful for every person who was able to give and help me in some way, even if it was a few words of encouragement.

Now things are getting more interesting!