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Kickstarter Kicking Me

February 29, 2016


I have probably done more drawing over the past few weeks during the month of February than I have over a span of this year and last year.

And I LOVE it!

Kickstarter has done something to me that I didn’t anticipate. The whole experience, regardless of how it ends, has caused my heart to quite literally open up to bigger possibilities.

It is as though God has been pursuing my heart and reminding me of how much He loves me and wants use me for His glory!

While I desire big success from the Kickstarter campaign and want to go big or go home…even if I go home, I still win!

At any rate…I’m still in it to win it. And I know it’s way bigger than just Kickstarter and the goals therein.

My sketches and the "Big Nate" book sitting on my desk in the newsroom (c) Cartoon Daily News, Kendall Lyons 2012

My sketches and the “Big Nate” book sitting on my desk.

This week, I found out that Lincoln Peirce has published his final novel for his “Big Nate” series. It’s not really a sad occurrence because he did a fantastic job in sharing his character, Nate Wright, with readers through his well-written books.

It was just time to complete the novel journey and I respect that.

The good news is that Mr. Peirce will continue his “Big Nate” comic strip and I am very much grateful for that.

Mr. Peirce’s work has influenced my webcomic “By and By” and my main character, Walter Ayo, in multiple ways.

First, Mr. Peirce, through his novels, showed me that I have to keep it fun and simple when it comes to writing and illustrating. I also learned that my character has to walk us through the experiences of their life, no matter how immature, silly, funny or serious it get’s.

Also, the drawing style of “Big Nate” helped me with how I envisioned “By and By” as well. I would often study the work of Lincoln Peirce and that helped improve my work immensely.

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This is why I draw cartoons! 

This is why I’m doing this Kickstarter campaign!

This is my why right here! In fact, it is one of my many why’s…but let me focus on this one for a moment.

I remember drawing when I had free time in class. I would copy what I saw in my science books and even create side-stories and little comic strips based on what I learned (special note: I was obsessed with nuclear physics and meteorology).

But when I look at this photo taken of me when I spoke to a group of kids at my old Elementary school in Dallas, I am quickly reminded of my why. I am reminded of the little boy or little girl whose going through real struggles as a kid. I’m reminded of the story that is not always told from the perspective of the child. I am reminded of the fact that they need adults to guide them, lead them, to understand them and teach them.

They need to know that being a nerd…a cartoon fan…a good person…is not over-rated and can later translate into something deeper and greater than themselves.

And, believe it or not, they want that as much as any good, concerned adult does.


24 days remaining on my Kickstarter! Tough, but exciting, all at the same time.

Also, I just finished reading more than half of what John Saddington had to say about the great ups and downs of running a successful Kickstarter program. He has a book that’s available for this and I think it will benefit you as much as it has for me so far.

I want to add that Mr. Saddington helped me with a LOT of what he shared on his blog when I started blogging and writing online in the first place. The rest is history needless to say.

I’m using the weekend to make sure I keep my hand on the plow and continue to show people what “By and By,” my webcomic, could be if  (and when) the Kickstarter is fully backed.

My hope and prayer is that people do decide to give something to help in my cause to create something that everyone can feel good about…content that children, teens and adults can read and get as much excitement and laughter out of if as I do.

Other great cartoonists and artists have contributed to the creative sounds of the internet and the world and I want to do the same.

I’ll continue to do the same.