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My sketches and the "Big Nate" book sitting on my desk in the newsroom (c) Cartoon Daily News, Kendall Lyons 2012

My sketches and the “Big Nate” book sitting on my desk.

This week, I found out that Lincoln Peirce has published his final novel for his “Big Nate” series. It’s not really a sad occurrence because he did a fantastic job in sharing his character, Nate Wright, with readers through his well-written books.

It was just time to complete the novel journey and I respect that.

The good news is that Mr. Peirce will continue his “Big Nate” comic strip and I am very much grateful for that.

Mr. Peirce’s work has influenced my webcomic “By and By” and my main character, Walter Ayo, in multiple ways.

First, Mr. Peirce, through his novels, showed me that I have to keep it fun and simple when it comes to writing and illustrating. I also learned that my character has to walk us through the experiences of their life, no matter how immature, silly, funny or serious it get’s.

Also, the drawing style of “Big Nate” helped me with how I envisioned “By and By” as well. I would often study the work of Lincoln Peirce and that helped improve my work immensely.

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Fan Art & Kickstarter

February 13, 2016



Doing a bit of work on my Kickstarter (Go here to support) and while promoting I met someone really cool on Instagram!!!

This kind person created some really cool fan art for my original character, Walter Ayo, of the webcomic “By and By.” 

I haven’t had fan art in a VERY long time so this was really cool.

The fact that my webcomic has the potential to inspire and excite other creatives and entertain and enlighten readers is really powerful to me.

It is also VERY humbling!

THANK YOU so much @crystal_and_giggy_arts of Instagram.

My Webcomic and Kickstarter

February 8, 2016



As discussed a few days ago, I said that I hoped that my Kickstarter would be approved.

I’m happy to announce today that my Kickstarter is approved and LIVE!

The webcomic, “By and By,” follows the adventures (or misadventures) of 11-year-old socially awkward boy, Watler Ayo, and his struggle to understand God, girls, government and grown folk!

With your help, I will be able to expand the webcomic by way of design and look and create an appealing story about a boy and his daily experience of overcoming everything from bullying to peer pressure to ridiculous math equations.

And…you’ll get some pretty cool stuff for supporting as well. 

Do share with as many people as possible and feel free to keep following the webcomic here. I’ll also continue to update the Kickstarter as the days go by.